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Book 2: The Oracle of the North

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"Shape-shifters, runes, and mystical creatures all collide to create an engaging story in E.S. Erbsland's fantasy novel Fragments of Your Soul. Lovers of the fantasy genre and anything relating to magic will not be disappointed by this compelling plotline."  - Chanticleer's Reviews

Welcome to, where a series of dark fantasy novels based on Norse mythology is being born. The first book, "Fragments of your Soul" by E. S. Erbsland is now available in German and English, as kindle edition and paperback.

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A wondering take on Norse myths. The story was excellent, with twists and turns I didn't expect. I'm eagerly awaiting the next book. 

Release postponed

Personal and health related circumstances in the author's life make work on "The oracle of the North" progress very slowly at the moment. To avoid more confusion, we've decided to wait with publishing the new release date until a few weeks before.

A big thank you to all the people that sent encouraging messages. 

​Since the sudden death of her father, Arvid Bergen is fighting to support herself and her unemployed mother. After she unintentionally crosses the border to another world, Arvid is driven by a single wish: to leave this dark mirror world as soon as possible.

Looking for assistance with this seemingly impossible task, Arvid encounters the god Loke with whom she strikes a bargain. However, her confidence is suddenly shaken when she learns that Loke is a liar, traitor and murderer and one she should neither trust nor help. But longing for home, Arvid throws caution to the wind.

This book is also available in German.

​Content information:

Adventure: 8 / 9

Violence: 4 / 9

Adult content: 3 / 9

Romance: 6 / 9

Also available as
​kindle edition


After Loke had departed for Asgard and then disappeared, Arvid is left with a mysterious letter to her friend Nod as the only trace. She soon learns that Loke and Odin had set out to investigate the dangerously increasing number of demons and world transitions, that seem to have become even more unpredictable.

Had enough of weak plots, missing substance and shallow characters? Do you only enjoy love stories that are artistically embedded in a complex story, an exciting plot and come with all the problems, conflicts, dangers, secrets, twists and turns epic fantasy novels have to offer? Then these are the right books for you.

This was just fantastic. I don't review books very often but I just had to take a minute to say something about this one. I loved it! Loved it! Loved it! I really hope to see more from this author!

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Absolutely amazing! The story made me angry and sad and happy and I loved it! All the characters are flawed in their own way and I started off hating most of them; I love them now. 


ISBN 978-87-998239-2-5

440 pages

Language: English

Age recommencation: 17+

Book 1: Fragments of your Soul​​

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