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The team

Runes And Letters is a small team and mainly "lives" in a corner of ScandinavianBook A/S, which is a part of A/S, one of Scandinavia's biggest printing companies. Our books are professionally reviewed, edited and layouted. We work with external editors and translators.

Das Team

Runes And Letters ist ein kleines Team und "lebt" grösstenteils in einer Ecke der ScandinavianBook A/S, die ein Teil der A/S ist, eine von Skandinaviens grössten Druckereien. Unsere Bücher sind professionell geprüft, lektoriert und gelayoutet. Wir arbeiten mit externen Lektoren und Übersetzern.

Linda Theil - Runes and Letters US

Evelyne Schulz - Illustrator and graphic designer / Grafiker

Tor H. - production / Produktion

E. S. Erbsland - author / Autor




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You are right here if you were looking for:

- Stories about Norse gods

- Runes and Letters Norse mythology fantasy novels

- Runes and Letters size fetish books

- Stories about giants

- Stories about Loke/Loki, Odin, Asgard, Frigg, Thor osv.

- Best novels with romance and fantasy with strong female characters

- Dark Fantasy Novels

- Dark Fantasy Roman

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